Logo & Banner

What is a Logo?

A logo is basically an image that used to identify your business or website. It is consists of colors, style, symbol and font that made up the image. By looking at the image, all your stakeholders like customers, competitors and suppliers will recognize your business or website immediately. Some good example of logos like MacDonald, Coca-cola, Pepsi, Facebook, Google and Twitter, they can be recognized easily and instantly globally even without spelling their full names.


What is a Header?

A header is an image that is placed on top of the website or blog. It is normally horizontal in size which consists mainly of logo, tagline or some other elements such as social media icons, advertisement banner or search bar. In addition, the header will usually contain the primary color so it also helps to set the look and feel of the website or blog.

Here is a list of header example from some popular affiliate marketing sites, can you recognize who they are?